As a Heal Thy Self Healer you will be eligible to earn commission (between 15 - 30%) for promoting the Heal Thy Self TRiBES, including your own! We believe in helping healers gain income sooner rather than later by supporting other healers while you are building your business. Together we are Better!
If you wanted to hire your own VA you would need to vet them, train them, pay them, … we do all that for you and they’re available to you through our VA Office. We have formulated all the things you need from the VA’s into easy to fill in forms. They will then communicate with you via emails.
A Healer Website has everything a good website needs. It gives your customers information about you and your wisdom. Your Social Media links for people to follow you, an ability to share your wisdom via videos and articles in your own blog. An area to highlight your upcoming events and for those Silver and Gold Healers, you will be able to add an Optin Button to collect your fans emails for future emailing. All you will need to do is enter in your information and the website format is ready to go! You can have it up and running in just 24 hours! Not only does it have everything a normal website needs, it is sitting in the Heal Thy Self Directory where people will be searching for your special gifts.
Great question! If you can’t make one of the Business Building calls due to time constraints, you will be able to send in your questions and we can read them during the call. All replays will be up within 24 hours for you to watch so you don’t miss out!